Mother's Day Pop Up Shop at Anthropologie


Last year we had popped up in the Marlton Anthropologie for Mother's Day weekend and I was totally feeling the nostalgia of being in my old retail stomping grounds! The backstory to my retail love is that I grew up with a mother who has a really cool women's boutique.  I got to shadowing my mom (literally as she used sneak me into Fashion Week while I was playing hooky from the 2nd grade) and most of what I have learned about design and styling (and LIFE), I owe to her. This is a post about Mother's Day, after all. Before expanding her Philadelphia location, her New Jersey store was in The Sagemore Promenade for almost 10 years and this particular Anthropologie is in the same location! See where I am going with this whole retail circle?  I spent most of my after school days in this location and then went on to be a stylist for a decade before my babies were born. So bring on all the feels!

Thanks for going on that rabbit trail with me! Back to last year- We had such a blast making people smile with flowers and meeting so many of you that follow us on social media and seeing our former brides. There was lots of hugs and laughing and it was just the best!

We will be popping up there again this year from 10-4pm and I'm so stoked to make pretty things for you all. We sold out last year, so if you want to make sure to secure your flowers for the Mamas in your life, you can pre-order on our website.


Meg Stefan was there to assist me & she captured the joy of the day!